Thursday, 10 October 2013

Malala , A Courageous young girl

Hi All.. Last night i saw the documentary on how this Pakistani teenager dared to defy the Taliban and  survived a horrifying assassination attempt turning into a symbol of bravery and a campaigner for girls’ education, telling the United Nations last month to send books and pens, rather than tanks, to troubled parts of the world.

Her autobiography, I Am Malala.. (The title is a strong answer to the Taliban gunman who boarded a school bus last Oct. 9, asking “Who is Malala?” before shooting her in the head). She is the youngest activist nominated for the Noble Prize. Its Amazing how she pulled herself back after that life threatening incident ,how an an ordinary girl become an inspiration to so many girls ,and women in different parts of the world surviving under brutal circumstances. She is the perfect example of "Women Power ". An Inspiration to all..

You can watch her interviews HERE

I Think she is a totally worth of being rewarded with a Noble Prize for her courage and Outstanding contribution for welfare of women's education.

What are your views .. Do share in the comments below ...

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