Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Find your "Place of Yes"

 Celebrate yourself every single day..!!

In our lives its really easy to find the place of negativity and hide ourselves in it . Whenever we are alone ,no one is their to share problems ,things are not good at work ,relations are not going smooth ,everything is going wrong, we often go to a "Place of No".But ,we forgot the things we have in our hand,the people who love us and care about us .Instead we feel sad and depressed about those who don't even bother about how we feel.We are the only one who could wipe our tears and pull our self out of that situation and no one else.Cherish the things you have ,life is too short to think about the bad..Care for those who care for you..

If its your work ,you can always start it all over again and ignore those who distract and discourage you or take it this way ..they are jealous of you ,so next time give them a winked smile and leave them scratching ears B-) .For those who are angry, they are not happy and just taking out their frustration so keep calm ,if they are your own give them a hug and if not than ignore ;)

But if its you who are totally left out and there is nothing to be happy for..dont worry,talk to your heart and say nothing can be much worse than this and everything is gonna be fine after this ..If you want those flowers and if you feel like those flowers will make you feel better, go buy yourself some flowers - don't wait around for someone else to bring you happiness.Say yes to the things you love.. 

Remember that people will come in and out of your life, but the only person who will always be there, is YOU.. 

So make yourself happy first ,others will feel happy around you themselves :)

That's how you find your "Place of Yes"


  1. What can i say........each and every word is so true and so inspiring....keep going on lady....u just rock :)

  2. Thanks a lott sniggy...Stay happy :)