Wednesday, 16 October 2013

DIY No Sew Hair bow :)

Hi girls, fabric hair bows are seen everywhere these days and I also kind of liked them coz they look really cute on hair .I have seen girls wearing them on fish braid ,top bun ,on a headband and in many different i thought to give it a try and make a DIY (Do it yourself) Project on them using the old t-shirts/jeans or other fabric  :)
Its quite easy .. You need a fabric,pair of scissors,fabric glue .

Follow these simple steps :

  • Take a rectangular piece of fabric(I took my old denim jeans cutout piece) of 12*7 inch and another piece of same fabric of 4*1 inch( I took different fabric in one bow).
  • Fold it as shown in image 2 & 3 below (that is two folds ).
  • You will then get a rectangular piece of 2.3 inches around(You can take big cloth depending upon the bow size you want.)
  • Now fold the piece from the left side inwards( image 4) and similarly the right one over left(as shown in image 5)
  • Make sure that the right fold should be little bigger than the left fold.
  • To make the things easier iron the fabric piece so it sits in place .
  • Now squeeze the fabric piece from middle (image 6)and wrap the 4*1 inch piece around it (image 7.)
  • Glue the piece or sew it ,leaving a little hole to put the bobby pin inside (image 8).

Use different colors and pattered fabric pieces .

Add some sequin/lace or studs to make it your own statement bow :) why not give it a try ..
do share with me down below ..take care